Predictions about technology companies and products abound this time of year. Here are some that we found interesting this morning:

In the war between Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. for the computer, laptop and tablet markets, the winner this year was ... neither. Interestingly,  Google Inc.'s Android products helped to fuel a 25 percent increase in sales of desktop, notebook and tablet computers in 2013 over 2012, reports 24/7 Wallstreet. Chromebook and Android tablet sales grew from just 200,000 in 2012 to 1.76 million.

Another big winner in terms of revenue growth is Inc., which could hit $100 billion in revenue  in 2014, according to 24/7 Wallstreet.  The retailer's core e-commerce business benefited from sales of its Kindle, the growth of Amazon Prime service to benefit Kindle book buyers and the company's streaming video services. But author Douglas McIntyre notes that CEO Jeff Bezos has staked much of Amazon's growth on Amazon Web Services, the world's largest outsourcing operation for cloud hosting for businesses and governments. Microsoft and Google lag in market share in their cloud hosting products in this sector.

From a consumer angle,  if you have some Christmas money to spend, check out the staff of Fortune magazine's pick of 36 of the coolest gadgets of the year.

However, our pick is this app from a company called Vivoom. It promises to make you look thinner on mobile video. About time someone invented that!

And lastly, MSN Money has a video recommending four tech gadgets not to buy in 2014.