Project Alluvion, a data center project that has been approved for $18 million in incentives by the West Des Moines City Council, has pulled its request for Iowa high quality job tax credits from the Iowa Economic Development Authority board agenda for Friday, said Tina Hoffman, an IEDA spokeswoman.  State and city officials are attempting to keep the name of the company behind the project a secret and are referring to it as Project Alluvion. Hoffman said plans are to place Project Alluvion's request for state assistance on the IEDA board's April agenda. The West Des Moines council voted Monday, March 24, to approve $18 million in infrastructure improvements for the project. To help pay for those improvements, which include improving streets and extending water and sewer service to the area, Project Alluvion has agreed to a minimum taxable assessed value of $255 million once the project is completed. According to a memo to the council, the project will be completed in four phases. The city will establish an urban renewal zone to accommodate the project. Project Alluvion is seeking a sales tax rebate on construction materials in return for the creation of 84 jobs.