Dave Price, a political reporter and weekend anchor for WHO-TV, has taken to the Internet to help finance a book he has written about the 2012 Iowa caucuses.


He hopes to raise $4,000 through Kickstarter, a website typically used by artists, independent filmmakers and people with a cause to raise money for their projects. Price took to Kickstarter at the suggestion of a family friend. As of 12

:35 p.m. today, 45 people had pledged $3,260.


He needs to reach the $4,000 target by Monday or the project will not be funded. In an interview, Price didn't sound all that nervous about reaching the goal over the weekend. In fact, he was surprised that fundraising has gone so well.


"It's probably been a lot better than I would have guessed," he said. Price has covered politics in Iowa for the past 12 years. His wife, Emily, has covered politics and served as a weekend anchor at KCCI-TV until a few weeks ago, when she went to work as public information officer for the city of Johnston.


Both are caucus junkies. Price said he he has wanted to write a book about the caucuses for several years. He would come home from following candidates leading up to the 2008 caucuses and pitch his notes in a closet.


Once the pile of notebooks got to be 4 feet tall, Emily told him to "get these out of here or write a book." Four years later, he has done just that, writing "Caucus Chaos" with Emily providing "focus" and photographs and watching their 15-month-old son for four-hour stretches while he wrote.


"I think there will be a lot in there that people haven't heard about," Price said. Jill Goodwin, a lifelong friend of Emily's who is a writer for comedian David Letterman, suggested Kickstarter.  


"As a reporter, I tend not to know much about marketing, so that's been a steep learning curve," he said. Kickstarter will take 5 percent of the funds received in addition to a processing fee for each transaction. Price said it could add up to 8 to 10 percent.