An Iowa-based manufacturer will play a mission-critical role in helping NASA to transport, test and launch the most powerful rockets yet built. During the week of Dec. 9, NASA officials will visit the Waterloo and Waverly factories of Doerfer Cos.' Wheelift division, which has a multimillion-dollar contract to provide the main assembly and material handling transporters for NASA's new SLS (Space Launch System) rocket production. During the visit, Doerfer and NASA engineers will demonstrate and test the initial four transporters produced for the SLS, in preparation for delivery to NASA in early 2014, the company said in a press release. The Wheelift transporters will carry the core stage rocket segments through full assembly, engine test, and launch preparation at NASA's plants located in Louisiana and Mississippi and will be transported by ship with the 240-foot assembled rocket core stage to Kennedy Space Center in Florida for launch. To read more about the SLS program, click here.