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Welcome to the first Lift IOWA e-newsletter. Once a week, we'll use this medium to encourage female leadership across Iowa by informing, empowering, connecting and occasionally entertaining Iowa women who aspire to lead.


Lift IOWA is the brainchild of two of my bosses - Connie Wimer, the chairman and founder of Business Publications Corp. Inc., and Janette Larkin, the company's publisher - female leaders in their own right who have spent years mentoring, nurturing and encouraging other women to lead. 


Wimer and Larkin are not only passionate about the issue, but they were savvy enough to recognize the momentum building in various sectors to address the growing concern that Iowa was falling behind in this area. Watch this video to hear their thoughts about Lift IOWA.


They've tapped me and Business Record reporter Megan VerHelst to implement their vision. 


We're very excited about this digital medium and the opportunities it provides for connecting women to the leaders and resources that can help them fulfill their potential. 


Here are a few of our favorite ways that you can use Lift IOWA:

  • In future weeks, we'll feature a woman you should know. Perhaps she is an emerging leader, or she is someone in your industry you'd like to know, or perhaps she's someone you can help. We'll not only link you to her digitally; we'll also list several potential connection points that you could use to start a conversation with her at a networking event.

  • In our On the Rise section, you'll get to see who has been promoted, hired or honored.

  • Iowa has a growing number of organizations dedicated to empowering women. Check our calendar to register for their events, check out their meetings or learn how to give or receive help from them.

  • We'll let you know about the latest initiatives or developments in growing female leadership in Iowa. You can let us know about your initiatives, groups or events by emailing us for our calendar or posting them on our Facebook page.

What you won't find in Lift IOWA is a "for women only" mentality or a battleground for a war between the sexes.


Developing Iowa's vast resource of underdeveloped female talent isn't an issue for women only. Quite a few men are interested in developing female leaders -- for their businesses, their causes, their governments, or because of their wives and daughters. Lift IOWA is a great resource for men too.


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