Results from a "What's Your Healthy?" study commissioned by Aetna Inc. reveal that American adults of all ages - Millennials, GenXers and Baby Boomers - feel that their own generation is the healthiest.


Nearly 50 percent of people surveyed named their own generation as the healthiest, followed by their parents' generation and the younger generation.


A third (34 percent) of those surveyed say they're living healthier today than they were five years ago.  Of those, 47 percent said they are choosing healthier foods like "side salads instead of French fries" ; 37 percent said they are dialing down alcohol consumption; and 34 percent are going for tougher workouts.


The workplace topped the list of most stressful places, with 27 percent of Americans saying they experience the most stress at work, followed by spending time with extended family (12 percent) and their spouse/partner (11 percent).


Surfing the Internet was rated as the top way to relax (33 percent). That activity topped spending time with family and friends, engaging in a hobby, exercising and having sex.


Twenty-nine percent of Americans believe that connecting and sharing on social media has a positive impact on health, especially Millennials and GenXers.


However, Millennials are far more likely than other age groups to reach for alcohol when stressed --37 percent agree that they often do so.


The survey, commissioned by Aetna, was conducted online by Harris Interactive among a nationally representative sample of Americans ages 25-64.  Fieldwork was conducted from April 8 - 19 and resulted in 1,800 completed questionnaires.