Five Polk County organizations will receive part of $6.6 million in federal housing grants and forgiveable loans recently awarded by the Iowa Finance Authority. The money goes to provide housing for low-income families. The awards are:

  •  $305,000 to Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity to provide 10 families with rehabilitated homes.
  • $84,150 to Children & Families of Iowa for rental assistance, security and utility deposits for 40 families.
  • $241,986 to Anawim housing to provide rental assistance, security and utility deposits to nine families.
  • $1.1 million to the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency to help 180 families on a waiting list for federal Section 8 housing subsidies with immediate rental assistance.
  • $211,200 to Capax Infiniti Housing, Inc. to help 95 residents with security deposits and rental and utility assistance.