PayPal says it is readying a fundamental shift in its business practices in an effort to make its money-exchange website more user friendly, CNNMoney reported.

PayPal's overzealous fraud filters have frustrated customers for years, with an inscrutable verification process that leaves some battling for months to get access to their money.

The eBay Inc.-owned payments processor, like other financial companies, has policies in place to ensure that fraudsters aren't using its system to transfer ill-gotten gains. But PayPal also traps legitimate businesses and charities in its filters, and proving you're not a scammer involves a ton of paperwork and time.


PayPal says it's finally ready to deal with the problem. It's promising to roll out a massive overhaul of its system within the next several months, but details are scant for now.


"These are not minor -- these are aggressive changes," said Anuj Nayar, PayPal's senior director of communications. Read more