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  • The art of the new festival
    Back in 2008, on the first night of the first 80/35 Music Festival, Des Moines Music Coalition cofounder Justin Schoen was learning about Twitter. 

    “There wasn’t near the kind of reach that there is now,” Schoen recalled. “[A friend] had told me about this new thing, Twitter, and I was like, ‘I’ll try it out and send a tweet at 80/35.’” 

    As 80/35 grew up, organizers with a range in years of experience were rapidly adjusting to advertise and promote the event on social media. It was one of the most visible changes for audiences watching the festival scene in Des Moines explode over the last few years. 
  • How will technology and AI affect Iowa’s retail industry?
    A visit to a grocery store or big-box retailer can already seem like a futuristic endeavor, particularly for those who remember the days when fast-fingered clerks made mechanical cash registers hum as they swiftly keyed in the prices by hand. In many cases, customers can now skip any human interaction as they scan, bag and carry out their purchases. 

    How will technology and artificial intelligence drive further changes in the retail industry and its workforce? It’s a potentially messier prospect than a wet cleanup in Aisle 3, and one that will affect about 16 million U.S. workers who clock in at traditional retail jobs. 
  • Closer Look: Jenny Foster
    Jenny Foster knows firsthand the challenges and rewards in finishing a degree program while working full time. Throughout her career, she has gone back to school several times to improve her credentials, most recently earning a doctorate in education leadership from Iowa State University.
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