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Sales Team

Chris Conetzkey
group publisher, BPC

desk: (515) 661-6081
cell: (515) 623-2346
[email protected]

Sara Brown
senior director, Business Record sales strategies & events

desk: (515) 288-4585
cell: (515) 240-0316

[email protected]

Laura Stapes
Associate director of advertising

desk: (515) 288-7459
cell: (515) 418-8465
[email protected]





Lori Bratrud
senior account executive
& Book of List sales sanager

desk: (515) 288-0411
cell: (515) 883-0610

[email protected]

Dawn Donegan
senior account executive

desk: (515) 288-0501
cell: (216) 533-4437
[email protected]


Stacey Thompson
Business Record event coordinator & account executive

desk: (515) 288-4212
cell: (515) 202-8661
[email protected]