Civica Rx, a multi-state collaboration among three philanthropies and 40 health systems aimed at addressing hospital generic drug shortages which the Business Record reported on in June, announced it has delivered its first medication to a member hospital. Riverton Hospital, an Intermountain Healthcare facility in Utah, has received its first vials of Vancomycin, an essential antibiotic that has often been in short supply at Riverton and thousands of hospitals across the country. Both MercyOne and UnityPoint Health in Iowa are member health systems of Civica Rx. Vancomycin, supplied through a partnership with Xellia Pharmaceuticals, is expected to be available to all Civica Rx health systems by the end of the month. “This is an exciting milestone for UnityPoint Health and our patients,” said Gary Robb, chief pharmacy officer of UnityPoint Health. “Drug shortages have become increasingly common and can negatively affect all aspects of the health care delivery system. We’re proud of our partnership with Civica Rx, which helps us better control the supply of essential generic medications in our hospitals so they are available when our patients need them.” Deliveries of Daptomycin, also an essential antibiotic, will follow shortly thereafter, Civica Rx said in a news release. These first deliveries are expected to be followed by up to 15 Civica Rx medications in production this year with supplier partners Hikma Pharmaceuticals and Exela Pharma Sciences.