Izaah Knox, executive director of Urban Dreams, was named the 2020 Capital Crossroads Vision Award winner during the organization's quarterly meeting today. The award recognizes individuals who work within the Capital Crossroads leadership team and have built social capital throughout the region by bringing people together to create effective solutions. “Izaah is a force in our community who uses his voice to elevate conversations and action around racial equity, social justice and leadership in Greater Des Moines,” said Kristi Knous, co-chair of Capital Crossroads and president of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. “As the executive director of Urban Dreams, Izaah has created and strengthened programming, all while being an advocate who pushes us to do and be better as a community.” Jay Byers, co-chair of Capital Crossroads and CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, said, “Izaah is a driven doer and motivator of others, and his valuable feedback and contributions to our community drive results on meaningful projects.” Knox has successfully worked “across organizations and has helped countless people through his advocacy work and ability to inspire those who are underrepresented,” Byers said.