Our coworkers at sister publication dsm Magazine kicked off this year with a delightful January February issue, unveiled earlier this week. A few features that struck the Business Record newsroom included:
  • Be it resolved, a collection of thoughtful and individual goals from different community leaders. Among them: Grand View University President Kent Henning wants to deadlift 400-plus pounds (don’t mess with him, apparently). United Way’s Elisabeth Buck plans to spend more time with her grandmother (awwww). Capital Crossroads Director Nikki Syverson intends to volunteer more with her children (long-term parenting). 
  • Rise up, be heard, a stirring piece about young people taking action as we mark the 50th anniversary since Mary Beth Tinker, a Des Moines student, wore an armband to school as an act of protest, an action that ended up before the U.S. Supreme Court. (If you don’t know the history here, read up and, as Tinker says, “step up.”)
  • Mixing knockouts, checkmates, a passions piece about Kevin Vaughn, a Des Moines native who is into chessboxing.