The United States and China continue to exchange tough talk in the ongoing trade and tariff battle. A new front developed with a Brexit deal being struck. Here are some of the latest developments on these ongoing news stories.

Wall Street opens lower after Trump's tariff threat
Reuters: U.S. stocks opened lower today after President Donald Trump said he would move ahead with additional tariffs on Chinese goods, dampening hopes of resolving the ongoing trade spat at the upcoming G20 Summit.

Trump dims hopes of China trade deal with fresh tariff threat on Apple phones
CNN Business: President Donald Trump appears to be shutting the door on a temporary cease-fire in an ongoing tit-for-tat trade war with China just days ahead of an upcoming summit in Argentina.

Trump disparages Brexit deal, blindsiding May
New York Times: As Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain continued her effort on Monday to sell her agreement to withdraw from the European Union to skeptics in Parliament, she was blindsided by President Donald Trump, who called the agreement "a great deal for the EU," and warned that, if it were adopted, it might obstruct a free trade deal between the United States and Britain. May has long held out the prospects of a new trade deal between the United States and Britain as one of the payoffs of leaving the bloc, and negotiations were expected to begin as early as next spring, after Britain’s March 29 exit, known as Brexit.

Dozens of Iowa farmers get less than $25 from Trump tariff assistance, data show
Des Moines Register: Bailout payments totaling nearly $31 million are hitting the mailboxes of Iowa farmers slammed financially from ongoing U.S. trade disputes, detailed data from a national environmental group show. But some checks will barely cover the cost of a Starbucks coffee for a few growers.