Here's a list of local people in the Feb. 14 issue of the Business Record and the page number of the article in which they are mentioned. Members can read all of this week's stories at and can access the digital version of the paper by clicking here.

Creighton Cox, 4

Tom Harkin, 8

Jeremy Harrington, 6

Austin Hedstrom, 17

Kyle Horn, 8

Angela Jiskoot, 4

Joseph Jones, 8

Bradley Knott, 4

Michelle Krefft, 8

Jason Kruse, 8

Derek Lord, 17

Matt Lundberg, 17

David Mitchell, 8

Kevin Nordmeyer, 8

Holly Olson, 4

Chris Sackett, 4

Emmanuel Smith, 8

Beatrice Steele, 8

Curt Sullivan, 17

Alex Watters, 8

Ben Wollner, 4