The Greater Des Moines Partnership at a luncheon today released its platform for the next session of the Iowa Legislature. The biggest priorities feature some familiar topics. The full list of priorities is here.

The top items include: 
  • Talent. Expand on Future Ready Iowa Act by providing funding for the Last Dollar Scholar program and the Iowa Employer Innovation Fund. The Partnership also supports policies that increase access to quality and affordable child care assistance without penalizing people who take low-paying jobs.
  • Water trails. Noting that individuals and businesses already have supported plans to create 80 Central Iowa water trails — including an adventure park in downtown Des Moines — the Partnership called for “adequate and permanent funding sources” for the work. Among the funding options supported: passage of a bill raising the sales tax to fund the voter-approved and constitutionally protected Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund, a package of tax credits and “market-based approaches.”
  • New Des Moines airport terminal. The platform calls for increased funding for state airport assistance to support a new terminal, a nearly $500 million project that would alleviate future crowding and security concerns.
  • Transit: The Partnership called for legislation that would give the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority more sources of funding, and increased state assistance.
  • Housing: The Partnership supports increased money for the State Housing Trust Fund and the Workforce Housing Tax Credit programs. The proposal also calls for increased incentives for communities and employers to invest in existing and new housing specifically suited to their local needs.

In other parts of the platform, the Partnership supports continued tax increment financing, a review of public pension plans, and incentives for Iowa companies to hire international students as interns.