Solar FX has announced it will move to Boone, where it recently purchased the former Dodi Plaza property on South Marshall Street. According to a news release, Solar FX was launched in 2008 when it began installing small solar powered attic fans and solar arrays on homes. It has grown into a turnkey company that specializes in solar energy design, sales and installation of arrays on large agricultural, commercial and industrial sites. During the search for a new location, company founder Gary Lass has been transitioning the day-to-day operations of the company to his son, Jeremy, who will serve as CEO. Lass’ daughter, Charise Bailey, will serve as chief financial officer. In the release, Gary Lass said he will remain engaged with the company, but that his children will take over its management and operation. The company is working through the process of applying for local financial assistance from the city of Boone and plans to upgrade the exterior of the building when financing is approved. According to its website, Solar FX is currently located in Ames.