Helming a company or organization can be time-consuming, stressful and tiring. That’s why it’s important for executives (and perhaps all of us) to have outlets to relax and rejuvenate.

Greater Des Moines business leaders have their own ways to kick back. In past years, we’ve profiled executives who enjoy working out, who express themselves through music or art, and who find time spent with animals is the best time. 

For the seventh year, the Business Record has taken a photographic look at four executives and the following hobbies: Aerial arts, collecting classic cars, gardening and sculling. 

We hope their pastimes inspire and inform you. Perhaps you’ll even be motivated to return to a hobby or passion of your own. 


– Suzanne Behnke, Editor



Christina Davis

Owner, Outside-In Consulting

 Frank Levy
Housing Developer/President,
New Bury Living

Michelle Book
President and CEO, Food Bank of Iowa

Robert Link
Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary, EMC Insurance


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Angela Franklin

President, Des Moines University

Mark Hennessey
COO, ARAG North America

Beth Shelton
CEO, Girl Scouts of Iowa

Mark Weinhardt
President and Founder, Weinhardt Law Firm 


Brian Waller

President, Technology Association of Iowa

Megan Milligan 
President and CEO, Iowa Center for Economic Success

Ed Brown
CEO, The Iowa Clinic, P.C.

Tej Dhawan
Partner, Formation Partners; Co-founder, Plains Angels

Sheryl Moore
President, CEO, Moore Market Intelligence and Wink, Inc.


Denise Essman
President & CEO, Essman/Associates

Eric Crowell
President & CEO, UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Rob Smith
Principal, Co-Founder, Architects Smith Metzger

Randy Roth
Owner, Corporate Contracts


Michael Bird
President & CEO, Spindustry Digital

David Maxwell
President, Drake University

Steve Niebuhr
Senior VP, Hubbell Realty

Tim Zarley
President, Zarley Law Firm PLC


W. Kim Austen 

Railroading is a family tradition with this insurance executive, who spends his time on his own HO scale railroad

Scott Bowman 

This mechanical engineer spends his time off the clock building items out of Lego bricks

Rob Denson 

Truck driving is just in the DMACC president’s blood

Kim Waltman

She fancied the frenetic pace of public relations, but open spaces and cattle have Kim Waltman’s attention


Bonnie Campbell
Hobby: Cooking

Jay Byers
Hobby: Musician

Mary O'Keefe
Hobby: Showing Horses

Steve & Susan Skold
Hobby: Big Game Hunting