It's become a season here at the Business Record: The commercial real estate roundtable. Five discussions each focused on a specific sector of the market. We'll be featuring the conversations and our key takeaways in the Annual Real Estate Magazine, which will be unveiled at our April 25 Commercial Real Estate Trends and Issues Forum. 

As a thank you for being a loyal CRE Weekly reader, we wanted to give you both a sneak peek at some of the content that we're preparing for the magazine, and an early heads up that registration for the event is open.

Those friendly folks in the photo above participated in the office roundtable, which served double duty as a Business Record Newsroom 515 event, where we invite a group of our subscribers to meet the experts and ask some questions. 

The office roundtable kicked off with this question: What is one theme shaping up for 2019? 

The office experts:

  • Kate Byus, vice president, JLL
  • Geoff Wood, owner, Gravitate Coworking
  • Tim Hickman, principal, Substance Architecture
  • Kim Augspurger, president, Saxton Inc.
  • Adam Kaduce, senior vice president, R&R Realty Group