Des Moines Area Community College and the Greater Des Moines Partnership unveiled the list of speakers at a reception Wednesday night. Coming for ciWeek9, "Exploring the Unknown," March 5-8 are:

Archaeologist and TV personality Josh Gates.
Actor, author and director Jonathan Frakes, who portrayed Commander William T. Riker in "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
Kenny Aronoff, whom Rolling Stone named one of history's top 100 drummers.
Titanic explorer David Gallo.
Nathalia Holt, author of the "Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us from Missiles to the Moon to Mars."
Rob Manning, chief engineer for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Engineering and Science Directorate, which means he designs robotic spacecraft.
Author and filmmaker James Barrat, who wrote "Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era."
Iowa State University primatologist and noted chimpanzee authority Jill Pruetz.
Diver and adventurer Jill Heinerth, who has explored deep underwater caves and inside Antarctic icebergs. 
Author and journalist Rod Pyle, who has written extensively on space history and exploration.
Antique picker Rob Wolfe of "American Pickers."