You've heard of serial killers, but Ben Frein, he's a serial entrepreneur.

With a creepy-crawly past.

By the age of 24, and just three months removed from graduating the University of Northern Iowa, Frein currently owns and operates five businesses, with his flagship Web site, which sells belly button rings, garnering the top spot on Google searches.

You could say entrepreneurship is in his blood, and you'd be right. Frein's father started his own small co-op in Frein's hometown of Garner. Little 5-year-old Ben wasted no time showing his knack for entrepreneurial behavior, and taking advantage of both his new Creepy Crawler toy-making machine, which manufactured rubber bugs, and the neighborhood.

"I figured out all the neighborhood boys liked those things so much they were willing to spend all of their allowance to buy the little bugs from me after I made them," Frein said.

Great idea ... but.

"I did that until all the parents found out, and they weren't too happy that was where their allowance was going."

From bugs, to selling homemade buttons at age 8, to his DJ service that ran "Ben and Brady" community dances through middle and high school, Frein took what he learned and applied it in the free office space at the UNI Small Business Incubator (SBI).

"He is just really what you would call a true entrepreneur. He just has the gene pattern for it, basically," said Laurie Watje, SBI manager and Frein's mentor during his college tenure.

Watje, a CPA who helped Frein with his accounting needs, said the most businesses launched by any other student was maybe two or three.

Frein double-majored in computer science and finance and formed E-Holdings LLC, which holds all his Web sites.

And in case you were wondering, no, Frein doesn't wear a belly button ring.

That would be creepy.