Mike Chapman has penned a warm and glowing tribute to the nation’s longest serving governor – Iowa’s Terry Branstad. Written in a folksy, down-home style, Chapman chronicles Branstad’s life from the farm near Leland to the Terrace Hill governor’s residence. 

An easy read, the book looks at the forces and people who shaped the governor. It’s something of a how-he-did-it manual that will interest Iowa history buffs and younger readers thinking about a political career for themselves. 

Branstad’s tenure isn’t finished so we’ll have to leave it to the historians and experts of tomorrow to dissect the legacy of his policies. For now, this work shows how a small-town boy worked his way to the top.

You can like his politics or not, but you’ve got to admire Branstad’s tenacity, commitment to the state and his ability to win elections: 20 wins and no losses.
– David Yepsen, Director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute and former Chief Political Writer for the Des Moines Register

The story of Terry Branstad’s longevity and accomplishments is a must-read for all who believe in the power of public service. Since leaving the Governor’s office, I have been privileged to work with other leaders at the highest levels of government and business. None has had a clearer vision for his mission, or more passion for improving the lives of the people he serves. Terry Branstad believes in strength through unity. He listens, embraces ideas from all corners, and delivers common sense solutions. It is no accident that he is America’s longest serving governor. The lessons of his leadership should inspire and guide current and future leaders of our country. 
– Susan Neely, President and CEO, American Beverage Association

I’ve known Terry Branstad for over 30 years. There’s a reason he’s one of the most respected governors in America and has become a living legend in Iowa. He is a kind and thoughtful man with integrity. Anybody interested in politics, and the interesting life of a man leading an important state, should read this book.
– Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO, Fox News

Terry Branstad was basically drafted by the people to return to the governor’s office after 12 years away. The governor led the state out of a fiscal and economic mess once, and Iowans knew he could do it again. And he did. Terry Branstad gets the job done and never stops looking for the next opportunity to help Iowa grow. This story captures the heart of a public servant and shares the remarkable, positive impact Gov. Branstad’s drive, determination, skill and vision have had for all of us in Iowa.
– Charles Grassley, United States Senator from Iowa

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