Connie Wimer and Janette Larkin introduce Lift Iowa.
VIDEO: Connie Wimer and Janette Larkin introduce the new Lift Iowa e-newsletter.

The Business Record will launch a new weekly e-newsletter titled Lift IOWA that will aim to connect, empower and inform leaders throughout the state about the challenges and opportunities facing female business leaders.  


The publication, which is scheduled to launch this spring, will provide news and commentary on efforts to increase business ownership by women and female involvement in politics and government. It also seeks to empower women to become more involved in leadership positions in businesses, communities and boards throughout the state. In addition, it will keep readers informed on self-development opportunities and events, and connect readers with female business owners.


The e-newsletter, in part, was spurred by the widely publicized American Express study that ranked Iowa last in women-owned business numbers and growth, and by the growing number conversations and initiatives that resulted from Sheryl Sandberg's book "Lean In."


"Iowans take such pride in their state, and there are dedicated groups of women and men focused on making the changes necessary to move the needle to change those numbers," said Business Record Publisher Janette Larkin.


"This is not going to be a publication just for women," said Business Publications Corp. Inc. Chairman Connie Wimer. "Many men care about these important issues, and we invite them to read it also. We want to invite you to join us to help make a valuable resource for Iowa to become a leader in women's success and equality."


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Business Record reporter Megan VerHelst and Managing Editor Anne Carothers-Kay will be spearheading the writing and production of the product. If you are interested in contributing opinion pieces, have news or events to submit, or just have interesting research or stories to share, we encourage you to send an email The e-newsletter is a platform for sharing relevant content about the issues, and we hope you'll help us in that by sharing with us what you find interesting.