We'd like to say our focus is on business today - and we'll try. But frankly, at our office, we've been all up in the business of Iowa-Iowa State.

Between the trash-talking, pranking and ribbing, there's no doubt that it has been a struggle in our office for Cyclones and Hawkeyes to get along.

Sure, the Cyclones are 9-6 in the past 15 years against the Hawkeyes. And sure, Iowa didn't make a bowl game last year. But for some reason, the endless Cyclones vs. Hawkeyes debate remains - never mind that UNI slip up.

Our office is in full big-game-week mode, and we figured a little lighthearted competition and market research for the business community on the Friday before what is sure to be an Iowa State win couldn't hurt - too much anyway.

So, we want to know ...

Does Greater Des Moines' business community have more Hawkeye fans OR Cyclone fans?

VOTE NOW and tell us whom you are rooting for and where your allegiance lies!

As an unbiased journalist, *cough*, I'm not going to say you should vote for Iowa State. But I will say our newest reporter nearly wasn't considered for the job because of her collegiate affiliation (she's a University of Iowa graduate). And, our managing editor was sent home today for wearing a Nebraska Husker shirt. Husker hatred is something we can all agree on.

So, vote wisely and help show whether the Des Moines business community has more Cyclone or Hawkeye pride. We'll share the results in our p.m. Daily e-newsletter.