The Business Record is bringing back our 90 Ideas in 90 Minutes event, and we need your help in our hunt for nine exciting speakers to present 10 of their company's best ideas. 

At the event on Sept. 13, nine leaders from Central Iowa businesses will share 10 of their company's internal programs and initiatives ? both big and small ? that can be applied to any business. In a fast-paced discussion, each leader will present his or her top ideas and field questions from the audience.

There's such a great pool of leaders to choose from, more than we can fit in one event, but we want your help in identifying dynamic potential speakers.

Help us make the event great by suggesting a leader in the community you'd like to hear from at the event.

And don't be shy. Put that Iowa Nice to the side for just a minute and feel free to offer yourself as tribute. If you have an interest in participating, we truly do want to know.

To make a suggestion, simply fill out the online form before 11:59 p.m. on June 9. Suggest a speaker

Thanks in advance for your help, and stay tuned ? tickets will go on sale later this summer, and they have traditionally gone fast.

Suggest a speaker

Past speakers: Sandy Hatfield-Clubb, Nora Everett, Laura Jackson, Jeff Russell, Fred Buie, Dan Keough, Mary Sellers, Rowena Crosbie, Bob Riley, Randy Edeker, Jay Byers, Steve Lacy, Andrea McGuire, Mary O'Keefe, Suku Radia, Bob Ritz, Connie Wimer, Steve Zumbach.