We are always looking for ways to keep our audience informed as part of our mission to help businesses do business better. We’ve long felt there are many ways for us to fulfill our mission – we offer this Daily e-newsletter, we provide several niche newsletters, we publish a weekly print edition, we produce several special publications and projects throughout the year, we connect our audience through events, and we share about all of this on social media.

From time to time, we’ll use the BR Buzz to keep you updated on some of the latest ways we’re working to engage and expand our audience. We strongly believe that keeping our community informed and connected is essential.

This week, I invite you to follow us on our LinkedIn page, which we have recently revamped. On the page, we’ll be sharing content about leaders we are writing about, trends to know about, and big initiatives or developments in the area.

Know someone you think would benefit from our work? Share it with them. Have an idea for us or something you want to offer feedback on? Reach out emilybarske@bpcdm.com. As always, the best way to support our work is to share it with others and become a member.

– Emily Barske, editor