From when I began the business journal in 1983, to the launch of dsm Magazine in 2003 and our successful expansion into custom publishing, our niche publishing company has always been built on responding to and filling the needs of our community.

That’s why Janette and I are excited to share the details of our leadership succession plan — a strategy we have been carefully crafting to ensure we position Business Publications Corporation Inc. for continued growth and stability to serve the needs of the Central Iowa community to even deeper levels for many, many more years.

Our plan capitalizes on the internal promotions of four long-term managers. Chris Conetzkey becomes Publisher of Business Record. Kris Maggard becomes Publisher of dsm Magazine. Ashley Holter becomes Publisher of WriteBrain — a new division of our company that will launch this spring. And Jason Swanson, who becomes Vice President of Business Publications, will oversee company operations and shared resources to support the three divisions.

After a decade as Publisher of Business Publications, Janette will assume the role of President as she helps oversee a smooth leadership transition in preparation for her planned retirement in a few years.

This new leadership structure and the creation of WriteBrain, which will provide book publishing, content creation, custom publishing, event management and design services, is just another extension of our strategy to fill meaningful needs in the community.

Quite simply we reached a point of growth within our existing structure that we believe diversifying into three divisions will allow us to further expand beyond what would have been possible in our existing structure, while still benefiting from taking advantage of shared resources.

In addition, we are confident this is a move that strategically positions us with ambitious and innovative leaders for both the company’s and community’s future.

A few years ago as Janette and I began preparing and planning for her eventual retirement, we recognized we had an opportunity to both capitalize on and retain our internal talent, while also having the luxury of guiding a smooth, long-tail succession plan over a period of time. Many times transitions can be abrupt and jarring, and our goal was to set an example for the business community of what successful transitions of leadership look like.

The promotion of these four people to more challenging and meaningful roles gives us both great pleasure. It will enable them and the company to continue to expand and serve the needs of our ever-growing community in new and innovative ways.