What's your idea to make Des Moines greater? Take our survey >>>

As the Business Record prepares to celebrate its 35th year in business, we're not only looking back at the lessons of the past, we're also looking to the future to imagine what could be in the next 35 years.

But we need your help -- and ideas! Help us make Des Moines ... greater.

Great ideas come from all corners of a community. Some are big. Some are small. But the greatness of the Des Moines we cherish today is a culmination of thousands of initiatives and efforts that all started as simple ideas. Many were responses to needs that had to be filled, perhaps jotted on the back of a napkin, or wondered aloud over a evening drink.

This is your chance to envision an idea for Greater Des Moines' future. We're canvassing the community to generate 35 (or more) ideas that will help position Des Moines for a prosperous future.

We'll be featuring 35 of your ideas in a publication titled "Greater" that will publish in December, as we embark on a mission to continue identifying, lifting up, and discussing ideas from all parts of the community.