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Thursday AM Daily | June 29, 2017
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State judicial budget extends hiring freeze to openings on district court benches 
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A hiring freeze will remain in effect and district court judgeships that come open during the fiscal year that begins July will not be filled under a budget approved by the Iowa Supreme Court, according to a release.

The budget continues the statewide hiring freeze from the last fiscal year that resulted in more than 150 vacant positions. The judicial branch will continue to keep vacant positions open and only fill the most critical positions in fiscal 2018. Judgeship vacancies will be limited to one judge at any one time in any one judicial district, according to the release. Associate judgeships that become vacant during the fiscal year will be filled.

The budget also continues nonpersonnel reductions begun in fiscal 2017, including a 20 percent cut in office supplies and postage, a 10 percent cut in telephone service, a 50 percent cut in furniture and non-IT equipment, and a 10 percent reduction in education and training programs. The budget also includes a 1 percent salary increase for all judicial branch employees and a 2 percent step increase for all employees not at the top of their pay grade. In addition, judges and magistrates will receive a 2.5 percent salary increase, their first salary increase in four years and their second salary increase in 10 years.

The Iowa Legislature appropriated $175.7 million for judicial branch operations in fiscal 2018, the same amount appropriated last year after a midyear reduction. Click here for additional details about the fiscal 2018 budget.

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Des Moines company chosen as finalist for Dreampitch competition
Orchestrate, a Des Moines-based startup that provides apps and support to financial service groups, was selected to present at the Salesforce TrailheaDX conference today in San Francisco. Orchestrate is one of three finalists of the conference's Dreampitch competition, which will select a winner to receive a $50,000 investment from Salesforce, an app exchange site for businesses. You can read more about the three finalists here.

Des Moines lands 10th on Art Vibrancy Index
The National Center for Arts Research released its annual Art Vibrancy Index, and Des Moines-West Des Moines was ranked 10th among medium-sized communities that are hotbeds for arts and culture. The ranking is determined by the number of nonprofit arts and culture organizations per capita, which the group believes determines availability for communities to engage with the arts. The Washington, D.C.-Arlington, Va., area was first among metros over a million, and Pittsfield, Mass. was atop the range Des Moines fell in of 100,000 to 999,999. The full report can be read here.

Cultivation Corridor
Iowa Lottery
Insider Notebook
Need a dentist or a burger in Iowa? You're in luck  
BY PERRY BEEMAN: Our friends at the U.S. Census Bureau reminded us of the diverse data the agency has on Iowa — such as how many dentist offices and toy stores we have. And how those numbers change over the years. Read more

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Cinema brings more than the big picture to Prairie Trail

Dennis Albaugh did something a few weeks ago that hasn't happened often over the 12 years his DRA Properties has presided over the development of Prairie Trail in Ankeny. He appeared at the announcement of a new business — two, actually, under one roof. As the man who built a fortune manufacturing farm chemicals put it, he had waited a long time for a movie theater with dining and more to come to Prairie Trail, and "I hate the word patience." Read more

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Veridian Credit Union
Country Retreat for Sale

Iowa Lottery expects to end year ahead of revenue projection
Radio Iowa: The Iowa Lottery expects to finish the fiscal year at the end of June taking in more money than predicted. Lottery CEO Terry Rich said that the lottery had projected annual revenue of $69.8 million, but that it now appears revenue will be about $78 million to $79 million.

Walgreens merger with Rite Aid falls apart
CNNMoney: A $10 billion mega-merger between two of the nation's largest drug stores is no more. Walgreens and Rite Aid announced today that they are no longer combining forces. Instead, Walgreens agreed to buy 2,186 Rite Aid stores for $5.2 billion. That will essentially cut Rite Aid in half, leaving it with 2,350 stores after the deal is done.

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The surprising benefits of boredom 

BY CHRIS CONETZKEY: My favorite place to think is the car. I love a good road trip, and some of my best ideas often come during the mind-numbing 500-mile drive from here to my family's home in the Chicago suburbs. For many, being trapped with your own thoughts is a sort of hell. In fact, one study in an article I read in The Atlantic found that "two-thirds of men and a quarter of women would rather self-administer electric shocks than sit alone with their thoughts for 15 minutes." But the same article explored new research being done about the positive benefits of boredom. It turns out the space provided by boredom is fertile space for people to indulge in more creative thinking. As the article says, "Watch paint dry or water boil, or at least put away your smartphone for a while. You might unlock your next big idea."Read more

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Police will pull drivers over for texting starting July 1 
Starting July 1, law officers will be able to pull over drivers just for texting behind the wheel. Some authorities said the law is going to be difficult to enforce. One officer said it's tough to tell from another car exactly what a person is doing on their phone, whether they are in fact texting or just dialing a number to call someone, but it's a start. Read more

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