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Thursday PM Daily | June 29, 2017
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dsm Magazine unveiled 
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The July/August dsm Magazine was unveiled Tuesday night at The Elements at Prairie Trail in Ankeny.

To read the full issue, visit the dsm Magazine website.

Here are links to three of our favorite articles:

1. Restaurant Week 2017: Now this calls for a nice meal: Des Moines' 10th annual Restaurant Week is Aug. 18-27. Ten years! That's 100 days of Restaurant Week satisfaction. Over the past decade, more than 1,400 recipes have been created as Restaurant Week specials.

2. Leading Ladies: Beyond its productions of new and classic works by African-American playwrights, beyond its appeal to diverse audiences, and beyond the success of the plays it has staged since forming in 2015, there is something else remarkable about Pyramid Theatre Company: its female leadership.

3. Tea Room Revival: The restored landmark respects its heritage while showcasing modern-day perks and contemporary style. 
Tom DeWaay CBRE

Up to 20 million could see jump in credit scores
Policy changes with the three major credit agencies  Equifax, Experian and TransUnion  will have up to 20 million Americans seeing a rise in their credit scores. New policies requiring more information and more frequent updates will also mean that civil judgments and more than half of all tax liens are no longer factored into scores. The changes will go into effect July 1, with 6  to 9 percent of people with credit scores expected to see improvements. Those with low scores are most likely to see improvements.

Iowa researchers create safer, ethical stem cells
Iowa-based research firms Cellular Engineering Technologies and John Paul II Medical Research Institute announced they were successful in designing a way to create stem cells that are safer to transplant without causing tumors. Previously, induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs), which are adult cells converted back into a stem cell form, required two cancer-causing genes in order to complete the conversion. Researchers were able to replace these genes with alternative methods of converting the cells, reducing the risk of transplanted cells growing into tumors. IPSCs had already been viewed as a breakthrough by avoiding the use of embryonically derived cells and instead transforming skin or blood cells into the multiuse stem cell form.

Vatterott files for receivership, hopes to facilitate sale
In hopes that the move will allow for a successful sale, Vatterott Educational Centers filed for receivership in Missouri's 21st Judicial Circuit Court. The school says operations and enrollment will continue as usual during the transition. The Business Record reported in May that the Iowa College Student Aid Commission had instructed the college to cease enrolling new students in Iowa until it complies with a federal request for an increased letter of credit.

Winterset will receive federal money to rehab downtown storefronts
The city of Winterset will receive $500,000 in federal money to improve the facades on 20 buildings in its historic downtown, according to a release from the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The federal Community Development Block Grant funds will be matched by $1.2 million from local sources, according the release. IEDA vets requests for the federal dollars. The Winterset award was part of $7.4 million that IEDA approved for distribution to 27 communities for projects that will result in improvements to public buildings, downtown storefronts and housing projects. IEDA said it received 51 applications totaling $14 million. Read more about Winterset and ongoing efforts to preserve its downtown at BusinessRecord.com.

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Insider Notebook
Move over to avoid fine
BY PERRY BEEMAN: Some years ago, when I was out on a reporting assignment, I blew a tire on Interstate Highway 35 north of Ames. I grabbed the jack and the spare and went to work on the side of the road, well clear of the lanes.

I thought I was going to die. Why? Because my fellow drivers, many of them kind, native Iowans who should know better, I'm guessing, were not only failing to change lanes to give me some space, but appeared to be trying to hit me. At high speed. Only the chance arrival of a friend who drives a giant tow truck gave me some cover. I changed the tire, and left alive.

State lawmakers long ago ordered us to move over and slow down when we see the flashing red and blue lights on stopped law enforcement vehicles. They were concerned about the number of these officers, and others, who were getting hit. It would be nice if you could also move over for the rest of us. It's common courtesy and safety. Iowa Nice.

Now, starting July 1, the list of vehicles you are supposed to move over for — which sadly doesn't include mine but I'm good at remembering plates, so don't mess with me — has grown longer. You have to move over for stopped vehicles with flashing amber lights too. "Have to" means there is an actual law, with actual penalties ($100 fine plus costs, loss of license if you hit something).

Those are on garbage, tow, and bucket trucks, and other utility vehicles. Utilities, including MidAmerican Energy and Alliant, are spreading the word.

You can learn more at www.MoveOverIowa.com. But for the love of rumble strips, don't read it on your phone while you are driving.

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Business Record Insider
Striving to ship

The Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization picked an interesting arena for its first patent application: exports. The MPO worked with students at CyBIZLab at Iowa State University and others to develop a searchable website that lets shippers in Iowa find out what containers will be coming to a specific place in Iowa. If they discover a container will be delivering a shipment to, say, Marshalltown, they can save money by booking that container for a shipment leaving Iowa. Read more

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Business Record 2017 Women of Influence

Times staff members protest cuts and changes to news operation
New York Times: With the imminent elimination of a stand-alone copy desk at The New York Times, copy editors and reporters have sent two strongly worded letters to top management voicing their concerns over the changes to the newsroom's structure.

Britain says Fox bid for Sky risks giving Murdoch too much power
Reuters: Britain intends to subject Rupert Murdoch's takeover of European pay-TV group Sky to a lengthy in-depth investigation after finding the $15 billion deal risks giving the media mogul too much power over the news agenda.

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dsm Magazine
Analysis: Uncompensated care would spike under health plan

BY JOE GARDYASZ: Hospitals in Iowa would take a financial hit under federal health care legislation that's now on hold in the Senate. The cost of uncompensated care provided by Iowa hospitals would increase by 66 percent under the American Health Care Act, according to an analysis by the Commonwealth Fund. The nonprofit foundation modeled the impact of the loss of more than $834 billion of Medicaid funding over the next 10 years, and found that U.S. hospitals, particularly hospitals in Medicaid expansion states like Iowa, will see sharp increases in uncompensated care — a treatment or service not paid for by an insurer or patient. The report also forecast declines in hospitals' operating margins under the AHCA. Iowa hospitals are projected to see a 2.2 percent decline in revenue under the House bill, and rural Iowa acute care hospitals' revenue would decrease by an estimated 8.9 percent.


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When: 5-11 p.m.
Where: Powder River Ranch
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Eddie Tipton admits to Hot Lotto rigging scandal in Iowa court
The former head of security for the Multi-State Lottery was back in court today. Eddie Tipton pleaded guilty to felony charges for his role in the Hot Lotto rigging scandal. He admitted to writing code, while in Polk County, that generated winning state lotto numbers. Tipton pleaded guilty in Wisconsin in early June as part of a plea agreement with six states, including Iowa. The plea deal allows him to serve his Iowa and Wisconsin prison sentences concurrently. Read more

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