Age 37 | Partner, BrownWinick PLC

Rachel Rowley is a competitor. Before having children, she regularly ran marathons, racing in the Seattle Marathon as well as a marathon in Colorado.

Now, she’s focusing her free time on tennis. She just won Aspen Athletic Club’s Iowa championship and is heading to sectionals in St. Louis.

“Tennis is easier on the joints,” she said.

Rowley lived and worked in Denver, Colo., for many years before moving to Des Moines with her family to practice litigation and transactional work at the BrownWinick law firm. “Our law firm was extremely fortunate in hiring Rachel in November 2007,” wrote Christopher Sackett, managing partner at Brown-Winick. “Denver’s loss has proven to be Des Moines’ gain as people like Rachel don’t come along often.”

Before Rowley studied law at the University of Denver, she received a bachelor’s degree in music education from Iowa State University. She can play both the flute and the French horn and now sits on the board of the Des Moines Symphony.

“It keeps the music part of me alive,” she said. “The foundations for a good community are to have strong arts programs. I feel like helping promote the symphony is what I can do to help the community.”

The mother of two, Luke, 7, and Anna, 5, also sits on the board and serves as legal counsel of the Bergman Academy, a nonprofit private school located in Des Moines. She said she got involved with the school after she took her son out of public school because he was being bullied.

“Rachel has been serving as legal counsel for the school and has led us carefully and thoughtfully through challenging times, particularly in this past year,” wrote Stephanie Kempf, chairwoman of Bergman Academy’s board of directors. “We have multiple lawyers on the school board and it became clear that Rachel is definitely a leader rather than a follower.”

Five reasons she’s a 40:

• Member of the Des Moines Symphony’s board of trustees, serving on the audit, fundraising and education advisory committees.

• Volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation’s art festival booth since 2010.

• Member of the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute’s 2009/2010 class.

• Can play the flute and the French horn.

• Board member of the Bergman Academy, a nonprofit private school located in Des Moines.

Mentor: Rich Updegraff, attorney, Brown-Winick

Fun fact:
Rowley has an identical twin sister named Anne, who is a doctor practicing in Vermont.