NEW! innovationIOWA weekly e-newsletter

The Business Record is very proud to introduce a brand new digital edition of innovationIOWA for 2018. This new issue, delivered each Thursday beginning February 1, will go statewide to the email boxes of top C-level executives, business owners, CTO’s, CIO’s and more. A weekly highlight on innovation in our state and how it relates to businesses and communities. The distribution of 10,000+ statewide will be a combination of the popular BR membership lists locally and statewide as well as partnerships with a variety of associations.

Driven by the award-winning Business Record editorial team and our new innovation reporter, you can expect the same breaking news and high quality content you have come to know and trust. Over the years, open rates for our enewsletter’s have been upwards of 45% delivering a highly coveted audience who takes time to read the content and your unique message. 

Space is limited. Below are opportunities that are currently available on a first come basis. 

  • Expanded Rectangle Annual Investment: $11,460
  • Medium Rectangle Investment: $7,740 (medium rectangles rotate positions)

*20% premium on short term insertions. Placement only guaranteed for annual contracts.

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Iowa companies are leading the nation with innovation across several industries. The innovationIOWA Magazine highlights companies and their technological achievements in a beautiful four-color, glossy magazine. The editorial content includes a comprehensive report on recent achievements and what the future holds for:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Bioscience & Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Stem Update
  • NEW! Finance & Insurance
            Advanced Manufacturing?            Bioscience & Agriculture?            Technology?            Energy?            Stem Update

“Innovation is critical for the future of Iowa's economy. Publications like the innovationIOWA Magazine that highlight the work going on around our state – in small and large businesses, in academia, in start-ups – are so important in advancing that very culture.”

Debi Durham,
Director, Iowa Economic Development Authority

Statewide Distribution:
A total of 10,000 copies are printed. The publication is also unveiled at an annual Launch Party hosted by our presenting sponsor that attracts hundreds of statewide leaders. It is then distributed statewide by Business Record in its June statewide edition, which also includes Business Record Iowa, a custom publication for the Iowa Association of Business & Industry and its members. Additional distribution includes Iowa educational institutions, manufacturers, agricultural and technology companies and industry associations.

“innovationIOWA captures the excitement and energy in the region’s vibrant agribusiness and bioscience region. We are so thrilled about its publication and we use the magazine to give to people and companies who are visiting to learn more about Iowa’s core innovation sectors.”

Bill Northey,
Secretary of Agriculture, Iowa