To say that Debi Bull loves to run would be an extreme understatement. 

Bull, a marketing specialist with the BrownWinick Law Firm, has logged 99 marathons over the past 32 years, and plans to run her 100th marathon in October when she competes in the Des Moines Marathon. If that weren’t enough, she has also completed 72 ultra marathons — races longer than 26.1 miles — since 1992. 

“It just kind of happened,” Bull says of her running odyssey, which began when she completed her first marathon in 1985. “I was living in the Quad Cities and I had a personal trainer and he told me you needed to run every distance before you decided what you liked, and I always liked the marathons.” 

Bull, who is 59, typically runs between 60 and 70 miles every week, but ramps that up to 70 to 80 miles as she approaches another marathon. It’s not unusual for her to run a near-marathon distance of 24 miles on Saturdays. She also does cross-training four days a week and enjoys Pilates and yoga classes too. 

Her favorite competition is the Boston Marathon, which she completed for an 11th time in April, after overcoming an injury that could have ended her running career altogether. 

Last August, she was hit by a car while running and was sidelined for three months; she now runs with a steel plate and five screws in one of her ankles. Despite having to restart her training from scratch in December, she competed this April in the Boston Marathon. 

She’s planning a big party with family after finishing the Des Moines Marathon in October. 

“I’m not as fast as I was when I was 27,” Bull quips. “I just like to see that finish line. I always have a finishing time in mind, but you never know, it may just not be my day.”