It’s likely that retail giant Amazon Inc. is expanding its footprint in Central Iowa with construction of a new $55 million warehouse in Bondurant. The development, called Project Omega, is less than a mile west of an Amazon fulfillment center whose construction is nearly complete.

The tactics used in Bondurant by Amazon to push development of the fulfillment center, originally known as Project Bluejay, and now likely Project Omega are similar to what it has done in other communities. There are, however, some instances in which Amazon let it be known it was planning on constructing warehouses in cities. The following is a sampling of Amazon-related development stories:

Amazon’s Chicago-area expansion fueled by taxpayers in Black communities: Reporters John Lippert and Natalie Moore followed the money in their analysis of how Amazon projects were paid for in the Chicago area. What they found in their Better Government Association/WBEZ investigation was that Amazon received an average of $6.6 million in tax incentives from the 15 predominately white Chicago-area communities in which it built warehouses, compared with an average of $30.4 million in incentives from the 21 projects it built in communities with largely either Black or Latino residents. “You come home to a majority Black town, and there’s no grocery store, no life in the town center and crumbling streets,” Theo Brooks, a University Park trustee, told the reporters. “Amazon isn’t putting more police officers on the street. Amazon isn’t helping me with my taxes.”

Amazon-like facility planned in Spokane Valley: A company using the code name Project Fireball applied for a building permit valued at $101 million in Spokane Valley, Wash., in late October, reports Amy Edelen. The permit is for the construction of a 1.3-million-square-foot structure.

Judge temporarily halts sale of old Michigan fairgrounds to Amazon: A Wayne County Circuit Court judge issued a temporary restraining order halting the city of Detroit's sale of the former Michigan State Fairgrounds site to Amazon. A community group is challenging the appraised value of the property, reports Mark Hicks for the Detroit News.

Amazon warehouse planned near Fort Wayne airport:The Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority in Indiana recently sold land to a development group that plans on building a massive warehouse for Amazon, reports Building Indiana Business.