Here at Business Publications Corp. Inc., we pride ourselves on hiring the right people to do the right job. It’s how we provide exceptional service in all that we do. Never has that hit home more for me than when I sat down and tried to write something for this blog. Follow along; you’ll see what I mean.

Employee blog concept announced: “Oh that’s a fun idea!  I should support it. I’ll volunteer to help.”

Email with due dates arrives: “Did I volunteer to write blogs? Hmm. Well yes, I guess that’s how you help with a blog right? The first one isn’t due for another month and a half, lots of time to put together some ideas. First, though, I’d better put a reminder in Outlook. Two weeks should be plenty of time.”

Meeting to discuss blog ideas: “I’m not coming up with anything, but I will. I’m a blogger, right? I blog. Well, I used to blog. A LOT. Yeah. OK, I used to write a lot of cute anecdotes about my kids and share them with my friends and family. But they all thought I should write a book. And I got an ‘A’ in advanced comp in 1991. I’ve got this.”

Two-week reminder pops up in Outlook: “Oh look, my blog reminder! I’ll start working on this tonight at home, but I’ll just have Outlook remind me again in a week. I should be done by then.”

One week later, snooze reminder pops up: “Crud.”

Writing day 1: “OK, I need to write a tongue-in-cheek blog about all the little things the average person doesn’t understand about being an accountant. And go!”

One hour later: “O, sweet merciful cheesecake, my job is boring.”

Two hours later: “Seriously, how do I have any friends at all?”

Writing day 2: “New plan! I’ll write a hilarious blog about the trials and tribulations of raising teenagers. It will be a home run!”

Two hours later: “Wait … how long can this blog be?”

Writing day 3: “It’s no wonder teenagers think parents are terrible. Could I complain more? Maybe I’ll just compare them to toddlers, throw in some humorous correlations, and then end on a tender note about how wonderful they really are.” 

Fifteen minutes later: “But they really aren’t.”

Writing day four: “Maybe I can write a clever blog about trying to prepare month-end financial reports, relocate my office to a new floor, attend school programs for both of the kids, and help my friend move in the same four-day period, all while trying to write a blog. It could be a masterpiece if I can stay sitting up long enough to write it.”

Two days before blog is due: “I wonder if I could repurpose one of my blogs from 2006. My middle school student won’t mind me retelling hilarious stories about his Thomas the Tank Engine obsession, will he?”

T-minus 12 hours and counting: “Oh my GOSH, how do those writers do this every day? I’d be insane! Oh, hey, wait …”

I’m extra grateful for our outstanding journalists today. I really hope they feel the same way about me on payday.

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Eileen Jackson
Business Manager, Business Record