Adding Business Record Daily to Gmail's primary tab
Moving email to primary tab"

Google Inc.'s email service, Gmail, recently began updating users' inboxes to automatically sort emails between tabs based on whether it's a promotion, a social interaction or a normal person-to-person email. The change has been widely viewed as a positive one for users, but it has had an impact on promotional emails, which now are ending up in a separate user inbox that is labeled "promotions."


This has caused some marketers and businesses to worry about how this affects their ability to market effectively through email.


There is an easy way for Gmail users to select promotional or company emails that they want to show up in their primary inbox rather than in the promotions inbox.


For example, as a result of the change, a small number of our Daily e-newsletter readers who use Gmail were having the Daily show up in their promotions tab.


So, we put together a short how-to video featuring Business Record Director of Operations Jason Swanson, who gives a quick tutorial on how to make sure the Business Record Daily and other emails from our company show up in the primary tab of Gmail's inbox.


If you are a Gmail user or just want to get a better understanding of how the new Gmail inbox works, feel free to watch our video. We know how valued our emails are to you and want to make sure you don't miss any business news.


In just three easy steps, and no longer than 15 seconds, you can ensure that the Business Record Daily always ends up in your primary account.

CLICK HERE to watch the video