The Greater Des Moines Partnership and the University of Northern Iowa's Advance Iowa team are bringing a certified "economic gardening" program to the region.

Economic gardening is designed to develop partnerships among economic development organizations, researchers and businesses to help businesses get to the next stage in their development. It is designed for second-stage companies, which typically employ between 10 and 100 people and generate between $750,000 and $50 million in receipts.


Second-stage businesses represent more than 10 percent of the marketplace nationally, but generate more than a third of the jobs, said Partnership CEO Jay Byers in a news release.


Resources of the economic gardening program include market research, Internet and social media strategy, core strategy review, and referrals.


The Advance Iowa team works directly with businesses to gather customized data and develop a plan to implement the strategies involved. More than 30 companies across the state have participated in the economic gardening program offered by Advance Iowa in the past year.


"It makes sense to grow from within and support those who are already supporting your economy both locally and statewide," said Dan Beenken, program manager of Advance Iowa, in a news release.


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