No, it's not Des Moines. But, Des Moines did come in at No. 3 on the "Best City for Cheapskates" list by research organization Kiplinger. "With low living costs across the board, Iowa's capital is sure to please," says the short write-up accompanying Des Moines' page on this Kiplinger slideshowThe write-up mentions a few key stats that helps Des Moines earn a high spot on the list: Grocery and health care expenses are both about 6 percent less expensive than the national average; the median home value is less than the national median; the average monthly rent rate is about a third less than the national average; there are plenty of things to do for free, including the Des Moines Arts Festival and ArtFest Midwest (also known as "The Other Art Show"). Des Moines comes in behind Omaha at No. 1 and Ogden, Utah at No. 2. Cedar Rapids came in at No. 10. The study looked for cities where living costs were below average and incomes were higher than average. It also looked for places with plenty of public libraries and museums, and counted the number of Dollar General stores within a 10-mile radius of each city.