Iowa's rank in a survey of 650 CEOs has not changed since last year's survey detailing which states are best for businesses.

Iowa ranks 22nd in the nation, as it did in 2011, while Texas, Florida and North Carolina remained in the top three spots, according to Chief Executive magazine. Illinois, New York and California remained at the bottom of list.

Chief Executive argued that one of the reasons states rank in the top 20 is that they have right-to-work laws, and that states that moved up in the rankings - such as Wisconsin, Florida and New Jersey - all have made drastic changes to economic policies in the last few years.

Although the survey downgraded states such as New York and California for heavy regulation and for people migrating away from the states, the two still rank first and third in gross domestic product, with Texas coming in second and Florida fourth.

Also, though Florida and North Carolina took the second- and third-place spots in the CEO rankings, they also have some of the highest unemployment rates in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with Florida ranking 45th and North Carolina 47th. Only Utah and Ohio rank both in Chief Executive's top 10 states in which to do business and have one of the 10 lowest unemployment rates in the country.

Despite ranking No. 22 in the CEO survey, Iowa has the fifth-lowest unemployment rate in the country and ranked fourth in AlterNet's list of the ten states with the best economies.

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