Des Moines is on the downside of a list that ranks how well the nation's 150 largest cities have recovered from the recession.


By most accounts, the city wasn't among the worst to suffer from high unemployment and drops in business activity and property values compared with many of the nation's big cities.


Financial information website WalletHub used 18 metrics - including the inflow of college-educated workers, the number of new businesses, unemployment rates and home price appreciation - to examine how each city has evolved economically in the past several years. Des Moines ranked No. 107 for its overall ability to recover from the Great Recession, which officially ended in 2009.


In subcategories, Des Moines ranked No. 117 for employment and earning opportunities and No. 101 for its economic environment. It did not rank in the top or bottom 10 of any category.


The study was a post-recession report on cities and not the metropolitan areas surrounding them.


OK, now we can catch our breath, dry our eyes and report that Des Moines ranks No. 4 on a list of the top 10 cities for millennials to buy a home in,MarketWatch reported


According to MarketWatch, the share of movers in the 25-to-34 age group was 29 percent between 2010 and 2012. Private-sector job growth was 3 percent for the year ending in May, and Des Moines ranked high on the National Association of Realtors' affordability index for 2013.


Des Moines trailed Austin, Texas, Dallas and Denver in the MarketWatch report.