Two polls released today had differing results on how Americans feel about the economy.


One set of results said that most Americans still don't feel like they've recovered from the economic crisis, CNNMoney reported.


The CNNMoney American Dream Poll, conducted by ORC International, said 61 percent of Americans said they believe it will take another three years or more to recover from the recession.


A total of 16 percent of respondents think they will never recover.


Economists surveyed by CNNMoney are less pessimistic, but even they expect a full recovery to take two to three more years.


And though the recession ended five years ago and gross domestic product is near an all-time high, about 27 percent of the general public polled said they believe the economy is still in a downturn and conditions are worsening.


The poll was conducted from telephone interviews with 1,003 adult Americans between May 29 and June 1. 
Another measure announced today seems to give the opposite view. Gallup's U.S. Standard of Living Index climbed up to 47 in May, the highest score recorded since Gallup began tracking the measure in 2008. 
The measure reached a low of 14 in October and November of 2008. 
The index is calculated as a composite of Americans' responses to two questions: One asking whether they are satisfied with their current standard of living, and another asking whether their standard of living is getting better or worse. The index has a maximum of 100.
In May, 80 percent of Americans said they were satisfied with their standard of living, and 59 percent said they believed their standard of living was getting better.