We’ve all heard that Des Moines is the best place for business and careers, according to Forbes. But as it turns out, the rest of Iowa isn’t bad either.

Five Iowa cities made the top 30 of Forbes’ list of “The Best Small Places for Business and Careers.” 

Iowa’s involvement in the top 30 outranks any other state, as North Dakota and Indiana tied for second with three cities each in the top 30. Sioux Falls, S.D., took the top spot.

Forbes ranks the cities in part based on the cost of business, job growth rank and education rank. Of note, of the 184 cities on the list, Ames ranked No. 4 in education, followed closely by Iowa City at No. 6. Sioux City ranked No. 4 in cost of business.

A look at the five Iowa cities:
13  Iowa City
14  Dubuque
15  Ames
16  Waterloo
29  Sioux City