Whew, it’s over... for now. Everyone doing OK?

From our poll it seems like it, but it’s clear the political mess did and has continued to have negative impact in some areas, and is shaking the confidence of the business community about the country’s stability in the future.

That’s because while President Barack Obama signed a bill Oct. 16 ending the 16-day partial government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling, the cushion now extends only through Feb. 7, with current spending levels being authorized through Jan. 15. That gives us a bit of breathing room, but could mean we’ll be right back at this same point in a few months. 

It was just about a 50-50 split among the readers as to whether or not there was any negative impact on their business. The word cloud to the right - generated by weighting the most used words in the responses - shows that sentiment was nearly unanimous... disgust, mixed with anger and a twist of embarrassment for our political leaders.

- Chris Conetzkey, editor of the Business Record

No impact at all
Contrary to what the press and politicians were saying, it was obvious that the government would never default on its debt. Only in government is success defined as “nothing happened.”
Dan Kinney - Sommers & Danforth Financial LLC

No impact at all 
It’s amazing, but, we don’t really need the government to survive in this country. We are free citizens that can make decisions and survive just fine.
Ron Cavanagh - Senior VP & CFO, Westmark Enterprises, Inc.

Slight negative impact
The Acrobats of China show scheduled for November had to cancel the show. The Government shutdown prevented them from getting visas in time for the show.
Carol Pollock - Executive Director, Hoyt Sherman Place

Big negative impact
It gives the United States a bad image.
Tracey Ball - CFO, Ruan Incorporated

No impact at all
I was in DC for several meetings...they occurred anyway - just outside of the government offices where they were originally scheduled. I did feel for the many support people: cab drivers, waiters, hotel staff who rely on government business and were negatively impacted. Sadly, we went to several museums after the reopening and many staff were discussing how much they enjoyed their paid time off. It was so disappointing to see barricades at open air memorials... this was so unnecessary - just mean spirited! A group of veterans - who had traveled from Oregon - at the World War II memorial had simply moved a barricade aside so they could enter. The security person said to them later in the afternoon - “Good for you! It’s your place.”
Mary Kramer - President, Kramer & Associates

Slight negative impact
It sure seemed like there were disruptions that were not necessary. For example, can someone explain why the U.S. Census Bureau website had to be down? Certainly one would not have expected to receive extra assistance from a person, but I cannot imagine why the data itself wasn’t accessible.
Gretchen Tegeler - Executive director, Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa