MidAmerican Energy Co. will expand its electric vehicle fast-charging network in the Des Moines area, the company announced this week. It will also expand the network to additional sites in Iowa. According to a news release, the company wants to increase its electric vehicle fast-charging network from 18 sites by the end of the year to 50 by the end of 2022. MidAmerican will pursue agreements for additional sites in targeted cities, with more than half being in the Des Moines area. Andrew Lewis, MidAmerican’s electric vehicle infrastructure program manager, said in the release that the expansion will take MidAmerican customers and the state to the next level. “When we first launched our EV fast-charging network plan last year, our goal was to help address range anxiety by building charging stations within about 50 miles of each other and along major corridors,” Lewis said in the release. “With this next phase, we’re adding convenience for drivers and new opportunities for communities we serve.” More information on MidAmerican’s expansion of its electric vehicle charging network can be found here.