What are your goals in your role at your company?
My goal as president of the Technology Association of Iowa is to advance Iowa’s reputation as a national technology leader and unite Iowa’s dynamic tech industry by connecting leaders, developing talent, driving public policy, and fostering diversity and inclusion. 

What are your goals for your community involvement?
I am fascinated that Iowans are really excited when they see other Iowans outside of Iowa. So we created the Iowan Project (www.IowanProject.com), a mapped database of “Iowans” who now reside all across the country. The goal, through pride of home, is that they may bring their talents back one day. 

What’s your biggest passion, and why?
One passion of mine is music. Plato said it best: “Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything. It is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate, and eternal form.”

What is it that drives you?
Attending college at Colorado State University and even today while traveling outside of Iowa and someone snickers or laughs at Iowa. That will really ticks me off. I work today to be part of changing perceptions of Iowa should they need changing.
What are your future aspirations? 
We need more diversity in Iowa’s technology industry. If we truly are innovators like we say we are, we need to be innovative in who we create with, not just the products we create. We aim to foster a diverse technology community by promoting inclusive initiatives welcoming women, rural Iowans and minority populations.

Four reasons he’s a Forty: 

1. Waller has played a key role in the business and cultural rejuvenation of downtown Des Moines and the state of Iowa for more than a decade.
2. He has served his community with purpose at the Science Center of Iowa, Des Moines Downtown Chamber of Commerce, Iowa Economic Development Authority, and Technology Association of Iowa.
3. He has volunteered as chairman of the board of the nonprofits Court Avenue Business Association and the Iowan Project (which he co-founded). Waller also currently serves on the Bravo  Greater Des Moines Cultural Assessment steering committee. 
4. Waller is an avid golfer and musician.