What are your goals in your role at your company? 
Continuing to align my efforts with the company’s mission, goals and strategies. Maintaining and continuing to develop strong relationships with internal business units. Providing proactive legal advice by monitoring changes in the law. Providing legal guidance on compliance with certain U.S. and EU regulatory requirements. Continued development of leadership capabilities.

What are your goals for your community involvement? 
Regardless of the activity, my overall goal is to provide my time in a way that is most beneficial to a specific activity, whether that be in a strategic planning role or in a more practical way by volunteering at an event or assisting with organizing an event, or mobilizing people. 

What’s your biggest passion, and why? 
Outside of work and family, I’m passionate about matters that directly or indirectly relate to fairness, justice and equality, or the lack thereof. I’m also passionate about providing greater access to legal counsel for underserved communities and I’m passionate about assisting attorneys in professional development. 

What is it that drives you? 
While attending Morehouse College, I developed an understanding of my responsibility to do service work. Also, having children, naturally I want to try and leave the world a better place for them and to be a good role model by standing up for what is universally right and wrong.   

What are your future aspirations? 
To continue to use the various roles in which I work and volunteer as a platform to address various social issues affecting at-risk populations. I would also like to assist in developing a program that provides mentorship and exposes young people to opportunities in the legal profession.

Four reasons he’s a Forty: 

1. Charlie has had a number of service roles for the Iowa State Bar Association, including the Fair and Impartial Courts Committee that provided information to the public about the judicial retention election. 
2. He serves on the Foundation Board of the Animal Rescue League, determining how best to use the ARL’s donations.
3. He serves on the Iowa Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission, which works on issues concerning access to legal services for underserved communities.  
4. He also serves on the Community Review Board for Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, where he works on the development of statistical reports.