What are your goals in your role at your company? 
In the insurance and financial services industry, the sky is the limit for development and career aspirations. I spent a large portion of my career at Nationwide, a fantastic place to launch a career in insurance. I’ve had advocates and mentors throughout my career that have offered me roles outside of my comfort zone that have stretched me to develop in areas that weren’t my strong suits.  In my new role at RAS, my goal continues to be to grow and learn.

What are your goals for your community involvement? 
We’re looking to up our philanthropic involvement. Our family welcomed two foster children into our home a couple of years ago; it was a humbling experience for all of us.  We are actively looking for our next adventure of giving back as a family.

What’s your biggest passion, and why? 
I’ve always had a lot of travel time in my roles. Usually during these drives, I come up with some crazy ideas. It’s been so fun to implement a few over the last few years — the book I wrote, Pokemon Club, some creative financing for our real estate investment company.  I’ve got an idea I’m working on now to try and bridge the ever-widening gap in politics in our country.  

What is it that drives you? 
I’m embarrassingly competitive. It started at an early age playing cards with my family — it’s pretty cut-throat. The first time my husband (then boyfriend) played Euchre with us, I was sure he’d go running for the hills. This has served me well in my professional life.

What are your future aspirations? 
There are two things I love: mentoring people and fixer uppers. I’ve stepped into a new role recently and I’m looking forward to both!

Four reasons she’s a Forty: 

1. Kelly has had a steady upward career progression throughout her insurance career. She has held roles in nearly all business units of insurance and has led groups and initiatives during times of enormous change.
2. Kelly was the membership chair for the Nationwide PAC and is the vice chair of the Planning & Zoning Commission for the City of Ankeny, the third-fastest growing city in the U.S. 
3. She is a published author and is working hard on her “Mom of the Year” status by starting an after-school Pokemon club.  
4. Outside of work, she partners with her husband to grow their real estate investment company, is an avid reader and a very average golfer.