What are your goals in your role at your company?
At Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity, we are achieving a goal of every department working closer together by using one contact relationship management system for reporting, volunteers, marketing and campaigns. Managing data effectively throughout our organization allows us to focus on our mission of build homes, communities and hope.

What are your goals for your community involvement?
I enjoy helping out whenever possible. I am fortunate to live in a community where you can volunteer for several organizations or events. In the future, I hope to focus on a handful of causes that are important to me and my family.

What’s your biggest passion, and why?
I am passionate about celebrating life with my wife. We find the fun in every situation. Life is short, so we celebrate every opportunity. We are kind and generous to everyone, and we give back. We know that family is everything. We love to travel, see the world and enjoy every single experience.

What is it that drives you?
Simplifying data management. Managing a successful, user-friendly content relationship management system allows Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity to allocate more time to advocate for better housing opportunities, assisting families with their dream of becoming homeowners, and building stronger relationships in our local neighborhoods.

What are your future aspirations?
I aspire to continue the efforts of current leaders with preparing and mentoring the next generation for leadership roles.

Four reasons he’s a Forty: 

1. Recipient of the 2013 Ashley Okland Community Service award.
2. Nominee for Juice Magazine and the Young Professionals Connection Young Professional of the Year.
3. Served as the 2014 charitable chair and 2012 student relations chair for the Young Professionals Connection of Greater Des Moines.
4. He served nonconcurrently as president, marketing vice president and membership vice president of the Greater Des Moines Habitat Young Professionals. Since 2012, he has volunteered for the Science Center of Iowa. He is participating in the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute’s Community Connect: Mentors Inspiring Success.