The Business Record brought back one of our most popular and informative events ever -- 90 Ideas in 90 Minutes, which was hosted on Sept. 13. 
Nine leaders from nine of Central Iowa's most successful businesses each shared 10 of their company's internal programs and initiatives -- both big and small -- that can be applied to any business.
We compiled their ideas in a publication that was inserted into the Sept. 15 Businesss Record. Our goal is to help you and your business learn the best strategies for improving employee engagement, influencing employee wellness, marketing your company effectively and improving efficiency.

The nine leaders were Andrew Allen, Mary Coffin, Miriam De Dios, Tej Dhawan, Angela Franklin, Kristi Knous, Kathryn Kunert, Scott Raecker and Dana Wingert.
We're sure their ideas will not only be inspirational but also serve as a spark for new ideas that you can shape to your own liking and implement in your office. 

Below you will find links to the videos of each speaker spending five minutes talking about their ideas and to the digital version of the publication.

Watch all the videos | Read all 90 ideas