dsm Magazine recognized this year's Sages Over 70 at a sold-out event last night at the Temple for Performing Arts. This year's Sages Over 70 honors have once again shown us how fortunate we are to live in a community shaped and guided by generous mentors. Sages are selected for their continued demonstration of leadership; their work toward the betterment of the community, even if behind the scenes; and their being a role model or mentor to others.
This year's eight sages are:
  • Joseph S. Brick - lawyer and community leader. 
  • Roxanne Barton Conlin - lawyer and social justice advocate.
  • Elaine Estes - former library director and race/gender groundbreaker. 
  • Barbara Graham - philanthropist.
  • Edgar F. Hansell - lawyer, philanthropist and community leader.
  • H. Lynn Horak - business icon and community builder.  
  • Loretta Sieman - business and community leader.
  • Alan Zuckert - business leader and philanthropist.
Each of the Sages was profiled in an article from the November/December issue of dsm Magazine. You can hear more about the Sages themselves in a video.